Monday, July 6, 2015

Inside the author's sketchbook part 3

From storyboarding with stick figures to choreograph the action sequences while writing the "Caitlin Star" novels, to actual attempts at fully formed drawings, my journey in illustration continues. Unlike writing, drawing is something that I have absolutely zero aptitude for and  getting down even the most basic concepts requires a great deal of discipline and hard work on my part. Perhaps that is the reason I cannot stop drawing. The challenge is daunting and yet irresistible and as addicting as the four color crack I so desperately long to create.

A few recent rough pages from inside my sketchbook.

Mia Kirshner

Just like Charli XCX, Lana Del Rey, and Supergirl, I have a thing for Mia Kirshner. I'm still pissed at Kevin Murphy for killing her off the cast of "Defiance".

Blake Lively

Yeah I know, it was a really quick sketch. But this drawing got an Instagram like from Blake Lively herself, yes the real Blake Lively! Of course it was a great thrill. Now, if only I can get her to attach herself to play "Caitlin Star".

Ava from "Ex Machina"

Add Alicia Vikander to my list of  celebrity crushes. She was mesmerizing in "Ex Machina", the year's best film so far.  This was literally a ten minute drawing exercise. I might make a second more methodical attempt to draw a more fully rendered version.

Toby from "Caitlin Star and the Rise of the Barbarians"

This was another one of those timed ten minute exercises. First introduced in "Caitlin Star and the Guardian of Forever", Toby plays a major role in the trilogy's epic conclusion, "Caitlin Star and the Rise of the Barbarians". A more fully rendered version of Toby can be found on the book's cover shown below.

Coming soon in "Inside the author's sketchbook part 4": Supergirl, a botched attempt at drawing Amanda Seyfried, more Charli XCX, and so much more!

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