Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Technicolor Reality

 She by James J Caterino

Archer Moore's review of She

"Ever since I could remember, She was all that mattered." So says JC Pezzini, the hero of Gunner Star novelist James J. Caterino's latest creation, She.
By the end of the first chapter, She was all that mattered to me as well. Finding out who She was, who She is, who She will be. Sound confusing? Try intriguing.
If David Cronenberg were to make a film starring Scarlett Johansson and Colin Farrell, taking his own Videodrome to an entirely new dimension, then She would be his script. Caterino has obviously done his homework. He takes the tightly wound story of a man in search of his long lost would be lover and savior, (and doesn't love always save us?) then he methodically unravels it against a voyeuristic film and internet backdrop.
Caterino jettisons the testosterone-fueled hyperbole that drove Gunner Star and switches into erotic obsession gear, then turns up the fun to 11. She is filled with beautiful women, shady villains, and spectacular chases. It owes as much to the film noir movement of the forties as it does to Harlan Ellisonesque science fiction. To call it an erotic thriller would be a disservice. It's that, and so much more.
JC Pezzini is a man so obsessed, so intent on finding She, that in the hands of a lesser novelist, he would be just another scummy Peeping Tom. But everyone has had a she or a he that they wanted to find, and Caterino hones in on those emotions deep inside all of us to turn what should be an unsympathetic protagonist into just another human being looking for happiness.
She never loses steam as JC travels deep into his own memories and ultimately through time itself to answer the questions that have haunted him his entire adult life. She delivers. Caterino has created a unique vision of desire and what it means to look into the face of destiny. I can't wait to see what he has in store for us next." Archer Moore

Product Description

We are driving on Street Runs Road now. This is the road—the place where it happened, the birthplace of my journey, the crossroads, the crux of time where the line between life and death merged. It is the place where I was forever changed.

In July of 1983, JC Pezzini and his parents were involved in a deadly hit-and-run car accident. A mysterious Good Samaritan referred to as “She” was the only reason JC survived—and finding She has become his all-consuming passion in life.
More than twenty years later, JC is a filmmaker, a voyeur, and a man haunted by his past. With the help of his psychiatrist, his friends, and old acquaintances of the unknown woman, JC will attempt to get closer to She than he could ever hope to—even in his most lucid daydreams. Whether through regression hypnotherapy, time travel by means of an anti-reality chamber, or sheer determination, JC won’t stop until he recovers the answers he has been searching for all these years.

After coming across a stunning She look-alike named Angela, JC is convinced he’s almost completed his life quest. Only then are the real answers—and the shocking secrets that have hidden the truth—revealed.

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