Saturday, June 25, 2011

More random stuff from my bookshelf, non-fiction

I love the art of cinematograpy. In another universe I am a director.

Superbly organized with eye catching graphs and pictures and loaded with tons of fascinating and useful information.

Might be a bit dry and technical for non-film school types.

Insightful, scholarly analysis of my favorite film. 

A must own for Croneberg fans, this book is packed with behind the scenes information, interviews and great pictures.

Written by film scholar and genre expert extraordinaire Tim Lucas.

I have an endless fascination/obsession with the Roswell incident and the UFO phenomenon. This is one of the most thorough, serious, investigative books about the famed 1947 incident I have read.

Colorful, comprehensive guide to help feed my addiction for lurid pulp paperbacks.

I love these pop culture philosophy books, especially this Blackwell series, and I am a huge Battlestar Galactica fan.

So say we all.  

A page turning tale about the rise of a powerful Sith Lord, except it is real.

A fascinating and frightening portrait of evil.

Super cool mainstream physics book along the lines of the works of Michio Kaku.

The perfect gift to give someone from the Michele Bachmann anti-science crowd who insist the earth is only 6000 years old crowd.

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