Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Three scores, one year, one composer

Three of my favorite soundtracks are all from the year 1998 and feature the music of James Horner in one his most prolific periods.

Deep Impact is Horner at his melodramatic best. One outstanding track, "The Wedding" became a mainstay of Horner's musical arsenal for the next decade.

The Mask of Zorro is an immensely entertaining old school adventure and features one of  James Horner's most exciting and orignal scores. A top five Horner soundtrack and a must own for film music fans.

Might Joe Young is one of the most underreted James Horner scores and in many ways is the most direct percursor (along with The New World) to his epic work for Avatar. A lush, exciting, energetic soundtrack, it has a moving main theme/love theme and exciting action music.  My favorite African flavored score.

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