Thursday, June 2, 2011

Time Enough For Love

A passage from She by James J Caterino

From page 204 of Chapter 38 Time Enough for Love

I see Corrina running down the hill to the scene, and I move
in on her and follow her in a moving medium dolly shot. I move
in for a close-up as she approaches the smoking pile of wreckage.
Corrina reaches into the twisted metal and ever-so-gently
pulls out the lifeless form of my thirteen year-old self. A river of
blood is pouring from my left leg. Corrina takes out a silk handkerchief
and ties it into a makeshift tourniquet around my leg.
The bleeding stops. She brings her mouth down onto mine and
begins to perform CPR. There is such a grace to her movement,
such an inherent compassion to her heroic actions, such a delicate
purpose to her touch.
A few moments later the magic of her breath brings me back
to life.
I hear the frantic footsteps of someone pounding across the
pavement. It must be the mysterious other. I try to move the
camera. I try to pull back and get a wide-angle shot.
But I can’t.
Something is happening.
A jolt of electricity fires into my brain again.
There is a flash of white, a rush of sound. I feel the window
around me close.
The journey ends. I am back in the Chamber now, sprawled
out on the hard wood floor. I struggle to wake myself up. Valerie
and Angela are lying at my side in a dazed state of semi-consciousness.
I fight to clear the brain cloud that is warping all of
my senses. I look up and see the silhouette of a menacing figure
looming in the doorway.
It is Doctor K.

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