Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Action Figure vs.Rush Becker

An excerpt from the book Rise of the Bull Mongoni.


Close-up of a fat faced LARGE MAN.
Streams of pulsating sweat race down his chubby face.
His beady eyes are filled with hate and fear.
Mostly fear.
Lots and lots of fear.

There is a black handled Cutless sword being pressed up against his squishy neck.

There is an ATHLETIC MAN holding the sword to the Large Man’s throat.

The Athletic Man is clad in a red Under Armor/Nike type painted on muscle shirt spandex superhero costume.

The Athletic Man’s dome and face are covered by a black mask and cowl. On the cowl is the symbol “AF” and an “Action Figure” logo in white font with a black outline.

The costume spandex painted on muscle shirt has the “AF” logo on the upper right shoulder.
The Action Figure Athletic Man’s arms and shoulders are ridiculously muscular.

Roadmaps of sprouting veins pulsate like hoses as he grips the sword…tighter and tighter…PRESSING it against the Large Man’s neck. Beneath the cowl and mask the Athletic man’s eyes are dark and focused.

The sword wielding Action Figure Athletic Man SPEAKS firmly into the ear of the Large Man.

So tell me Rush Becker, how does it feel? To at long last be held accountable for all the vile hate and lies that have made you the HNIC. I bet you don’t feel so powerful now, you murdering fuck.

The fear-filled eyes of Rush Becker motion over toward a security guard off to the right. It is a pleading look. It is the look of a coward and a bully who has at last finally been stood up to.

Someone once described you as the “head nigger in charge” of the conservative movement, and the inspiration of the rise of the new right. Myself, I prefer the term…hate spewing lying fuck piece of shit domestic terrorist… or even better yet…agent of evil. Well guess what pal? Your reign of terror ends NOW!

Outside the glass there are two security guards ready to roll.
They have their weapons DRAWN.

The handguns are COCKED, and POINTED directly at Action Figure.
The camera PULLS back to reveal a whole security team behind the glass.
All of them are LURCHING in the same ready to kill pose.
Quivering fingers on triggers -
Something bad is about to go down.

They can’t help you now. Yeah I know all about the bullet proof glass. Know thy enemy. Or as you like to say…wake up America! You just loved installing that bullet proof glass and bragging about on the air. Bet you don’t feel like such a smart celebrity fuck now do you?

Action Figure takes a moment and pauses dramatically.
He wants to savor the moment of his victory.
He watches with exhilaration as fear inspired dripping beads of sweat are oozing out of the toxin filled fiend, dripping down along his puffy face.

Teflon Rush. You better make sure Rush is on your side. This is a man who sells books by the tens of millions. This is the man people wait in line longer than the fucking Phantom menace to see. This is a man who leads armies. This is a man who Presidents fear. This is a man who has the probing tongues of Senators and Fortune 500 CEO’s jammed up his asshole. So bow for the Alter of Rush Becker or he will destroy you. Well guess what mother fucker?

Action Figure leans in and presses the sword tighter against Rush Becker’s neck.
A trickle of blood oozes out.
Action Figure reaches down and pulls out a pistol from inside a holster around Rush Becker’s rotund waist.

Fuck you. I bow to no one!

Action Figure keeps the blade close tight on Rush Becker’s throat.

Now, listen to me carefully, and try not to shit your pants you pathetic coward. You with me?

The quivering coward NODS yes as the river of toxic sweat POURS down his chubby face.

Open the chamber to the pistol. Empty out all the rounds, except for one.

Rush Becker does so with his shaking hands.

Now spin the chamber.

The hate spewing shock jock obeys the red and black clad muscled avenger.

Time for you and I to play a little game. You know, a showdown to see who the real head nigger in charge is here.

The hate jock continues to tremble in fear.
His eyes are bugging out like they are about to pop out of the sockets.

What’s the matter? You like guns. According to you anyone who does not carry around a loaded firearm is a pussy. So wachoo say tough guy. Let’s play.

Action Figure takes the pistol and buries it into his OWN temple.

Tell you what. I’ll even go first.

There is an eternal moment of tension.
Action Figure has his finger on the trigger.
Then - CLICK
The chamber is empty.
Action Figure lives.

Now, your turn tough guy.

Rush Beckster shakes and cries.
Then he begs.
Then he grovels.

Please, please, I’ll do anything.

Action Figure relishes the moment, but stays mindful of the drawn weapons on the other side of the glass.

So tell me Rush. Who is the head nigger in charge?

Rush Beckster is sobbing too hard to answer.


RUSH BECKSTER You, you…you…

And what am I?

You are the head nigger in charge. You…you…you…

Rush Becker is shaking and sobbing even harder.
At long last he feels his own favorite weapon turned against him.
He feels fear.

Action Figure LEANS in closer to Rush Becker. He lowers the pitch and volume of his voice to an intense whisper.

Remember the words of Malcolm X, one of your heroes I am sure.

Action Figure pauses dramatically.
Then he bellows in a deadly serious tone.
Don’t you ever, ever, EVER, cross a man who ain’t afraid of dying.

Several more security guards spring onto the scene with weapons drawn.
This time the weapons are military grade machine guns.
A split second later a SWAT team swarms the studio and circles around the glass enclosed booth.
It looks hopeless.
Action Figure is doomed.
Then, the frame FREEZES.

Join the revolution and read more in Rise of the Bull Mongoni.

Copyright 2010 James J Caterino All Rights Reserved
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