Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gunner Star vs. the Big Oil Mafia

A dramatic excerpt from a wickedly intense controversial scene in the new action packed Gunner Star book Rise of the Bull Mongoni.


Gunner and Caitlin lead Tyrone down a winding staircase into the darkness.

The staircase ends and there it is before them -

A desktop, plasma screens, monitors, shelves of video and film making gear –
The entire cavernous cellar is sprawling workstation of low tech/high tech geekdom wonder.

A monitor clicks on and shows images of the GULF OIL SPILL.

The live cam of the nonstop spewing poison from the floor of the ocean below –

Images of dying birds soaked in oil –
The bodies of innocent dolphins suffocated in black poison as they wash up on shore
Oil soaked wetlands –
Destroyed beaches –
Distraught fisherman crying –
Shots of devastated families whose lives are forever destroyed -
The handiwork of Dick Cheney and his mafia of oil goons -

Someone needs to pay for this. There must be justice.

And there will. Starting today!

Gunner clicks on another monitor.
It is showing DICK CHENEY with his arms around an OIL EXECUTIVE.

This was right after the so called “secret energy summit” that evil Sith Lord mother fucker had in 2000. He left with a thirty-four million dollar check in his hands and he promised to take care of his boys once he got in the White House.

And did he ever!

Yeah, you bet he did. Now follow me my friends. I have a very special surprise for the two of you. Very special indeed!

Gunner leads them into the back corner of the cavernous basement.

He motions for them to follow him down another staircase.

It is steep, and dark, and endless.

Finally they arrive at a STEEL TRAP DOOR.
Gunner opens the door and leads them down a long tunnel.

Turns out Gunner’s lair was remodeled from an old break room that sat right next to the heart of the steel mill. And underneath there was a maze of old transportation mines and tunnels, endless secret passageways and hidden rooms that held dark secrets.

They enter through another tunnel that opens up to massive INDUSTRIAL CHAMBER.
Right in the middle of it is a giant lake of something dark.
Something dark that looks a lot like oil.

A muffled SCREAM is coming from the back of the chamber.

There is a man gagged and a tied to medieval looking torture chair.

Meet Lester Toxin. No really, I am not fucking with you. That is really his name. And Lester is the man who ran that secret energy summit in 2000. Lester is the man who who gave us Dick Cheney. Lester is the man who hand picked each and every member of the MMS. And last but not least…

Gunner walks over to the table.
He picks up a laptop turns it on, and pulls up a video clip.
It is Lester Toxin in the studio with Rush Beckster.
It is during commercial break and apparently the tool does not realize he is being recorded.

Rush, I am so honored you would have me on here. All of us appreciate what you are doing for us. I just had to deal with some environmental bleeding heart pussies up at our Alaska sites. Hell, I’d love to have a go at that whole state, and wipe out every Polar Bear there is, and drill right through their asses, so we can all keep making money, and a lot more of it. And with your help, before long we will get Alaska and anything else we fucking want. Keep up the good work my friend.

Rush is beaming with insipid pride as the Oil Barron strokes his ego and bows to the altar of Rush.

Gunner freezes the video. There is a demonic smile on the face of both Rush, and his adoring fan, the man they have sitting in custody before them.

I think that gives you a pretty good idea who Lester Toxin is. And one other little other tidbit before we get the party cranked up here.

Gunner works the laptop and brings up an AUDIO CLIP.
It is the VOICE of Lester Toxin on a radio talk show.

Look, water boarding is not torture, and really it is not a big deal.

Would you go through it? Volunteer I mean?

In a second. Just to prove my point. We have all gotten a mouthful of water while swimming. Same thing. No big deal. Except for liberal pussies with a communist agenda that is.

Gunner marches toward the medieval chair, loosens the gag, and looks Lester Toxin right in the eye.

Looks like Lester here has set the dance card for the evening. Time to get this party started.

To see what happens next read more about the anti-hero Gunner Star in the riveting action adventures Gunner Star and Rise of the Bull Mongoni available at bookstores everywhere.

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