Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Experiment

A simmering passage from the femme fatale science fiction thriller She.

Valerie had a wicked buzz by the time we returned to the Cinema
360. We had been out to dinner at the Riverside Barge, a chic
new eatery down on the water front. Afterwards, we stopped off
at the Voodoo Lounge, currently the hot, downtown nightspot in
the strip.

I wanted Valerie now more than ever.
Maybe it was her connection to Corrina. Maybe I somehow
saw her as a way to physically connect with the long-harboring
obsessions, a way to make the metaphysical real.

Maybe it was just plain lust.

I could not explain it. I could only feel it. I didn’t want to
analyze it. I only wanted to act on it. Emotion was the key to
it all—pure, primitive, real emotion. I was desperately hoping
that last night’s dramatic revelations had not done any thing to
dampen Valerie’s wellspring of libido.

The sparks of physical attraction she seemed to radiate were
unlike anything I had ever encountered before. Just being in
her presence would stir deep-seeded, primal lust in any man (or
woman for that matter), and after a long night of being with her
and just talking, staring, and imagining, I was insane with wanton

I didn’t waste any time.

As soon as we closed the door behind us, I groped for her like a savage.

Emotion was the key to it all—pure, primitive, real emotion.
When my mouth made contact with hers, my tongue met the
barrier of her sealed lips. I persisted, moving my hands up along
the soft sheen of her lean thighs, stroking my fingers up under her
skirt and around the back to the baby softness of her bare ass.

I went to kiss her again, but this time her mouth opened up
to mine.

I began to feel the kindling of passion and desire rising up
inside her; a passion and desire that had nearly overwhelmed me
last time we were together. But this time was different. This time
she was not focused. This time she was holding back. This time
her flesh did not respond to my touch.

I had to find a way to ignite her passion, a way to recapture
the magic of our night together last week. I wanted her. I needed
her. I had to have her. Every thing depended on it.

That’s when it suddenly hit me, a way take it all to the next
level. (“The more intense the emotion, the greater the access.”) It
was time for me to implement my new strategy.

“Want to try a few things?” I asked.

I motioned to the Anti-Reality Chamber behind her.
As soon as I began presenting the risqué fantasy, Valerie was
in character before I could finish the saying the words.
Based on the bizarre role-playing game she had lead me into
on our last encounter, it was probably what she was trying to
goad me into earlier anyway. Everybody had a secret fetish, a
dark desire that was forbidden and yet so arousing that the mere
thought of it tapped into powerful, primitive drives of the id.

Apparently, I had stumbled upon Valerie’s.

Tonight, we would spur our animal passions to life by once
again playing out the story beats of Valerie’s lurid fantasy scenario.
Only this time we would take it further—much further.
(“The more intense the emotion, the greater the access.”) This
would be the first true test of Matheson’s theories.

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Copyright 2005, 2008, 2011 James J Caterino All Rights Reserved
Above excerpt is from pages 118-119 of She, Chapter 23 "The Experiment".

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