Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Evolution, Bull Mongoni style

A reading from the Sacred Scrolls of Tarmok

Every day I get one step closer. Every day I feel myself taking the forbidden primal journey into the past.

The soaring levels of androgens cascading though my system combine with the blend of carefully calculated nootropics. It makes for the perfect cocktail to open the receptors deep inside my cerebral cortex. I can feel it unlocking the secrets of the past and turning back the genome clock. A biological time machine.

I am morphing back into something from my past. Something primitive and pure. Something superior and noble. Something that lived before the destructive and petty race of evil Homo sapiens came to destroy and dominate.

I am getting stronger and smarter by the day. I can at long last see the history of the earth with clarity. The blood of the Bull Mongoni flows in my veins and soon I will have five times the strength of a Homo sapien. Soon my transformation will be complete and I will at long last unleash my savage fury.

God help anyone who dares to stand in my way.

Copyright 2011 James J Caterino
All Rights Reserved

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