Sunday, March 4, 2012

Is Fringe the best genre show ever?

Is Fringe the best science fiction genre show ever, or at least in the modern era? A case could can be made for Fringe along with Lost, The X-Files and Battlestar Galactica (2004 version of course).

These kinds of debates will rage in website forums, chat rooms and on convention floors until Cylons and perhaps even time travel itself becomes a reality. But one thing is certain. Fringe is the least popular of all the great genre shows. It is an underrated gem deserving of a larger audience.
Fringe has been praised for its intelligent writing, stylish production, and terrific acting, especially by John Noble who plays the eccentric Walter Bishop. It has had a modest but loyal following ever since it first made its debut on FOX (Channel 7 WSVN Miami/Fort Lauderdale) in September of 2008. But unlike Fringe co-creator J.J. Abram’s other genre show Lost, Fringe has never broken out into a mainstream success. Nor has it achieved the rabid fanboy/fangirl cult status that Battlestar Galactica did in 2000's or become the pop culture phenomenon that X-Files was in 90's.

The show has been on the renewal/cancellation bubble every year saved only by strong demographics and FOX’s desire to keep at least one smart, prestige show among its lineup of singing competitions, sitcoms, and screaming chefs.

Fringe fans reacted in horror last year when it appeared FOX was throwing in the towel and tossing Fringe into the infamous Friday night “death slot”, the graveyard where so many past science fiction shows were sent to wither away and die, including the original classic Star Trek. But shockingly the move empowered the show by getting it out of the highly competitive Thursday night prime time lineup and Fringe ended season three on an all time high note in terms of both critical raves and popularity.

Fringe began in the fall of 2008 as a fascinating X-Files meets Altered States hybrid . The show’s storylines and the characters have grown tremendously since then. Each successive season has seen Fringe attain new levels in imaginative, smartly written, beautifully produced and acted quality science fiction drama.  Is Fringe the best genre show of the modern era? 

Fringe does a better job than Lost at presenting complex multi-universe storylines and metaphysical concepts without being confusing. It is tough to make a direct comparison between Fringe and the gritty epic Battlestar Galactica. X-Files was about Mulder’s quest and a worldwide conspiracy. Much like Lost, and to a certain extent Battlestar Galactica, Fringe is the story about a father and a son. It is a personal, intimate story told through the prism of alternate realities and shape shifters. It is a show that challenges the intellect and moves the heart. 

Is it the best genre show ever? A case can be made.
Once again it seems that Fringe is on the bubble. If you are a fan of the show, try to watch it live on FOX WSVN Channel 7 Miami/Fort Lauderdale Friday night at 9PM to help boost the rating and convince FOX to give us a Fringe season five.

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