Monday, October 15, 2012

It is a mythology, it is an attitude, it is a philosophy to live and die by

It was first introduced by the charismatic anti-hero Gunner Star in the novel Gunner Star. Then it became a movement in Rise of the Bull Mongoni and the embodiment of a legend of the from the past in Sword of the Bull Mongoni. Soon it will lead to the ultimate showdown in the final installment of the Bull Mongoni revolution.

The Gunner Star novel and the Bull Mongoni trilogy that follows are much more than rousing testosterone-drenched action adventures. 

It is a mythology. It is an attitude. It is a philosophy to live and die by.

The Bull Mongoni philosophy as written in the Sacred Scrolls of Tarmok

1) Protect those who cannot protect themselves.

2) Destroy all bullies.

3) There is no forgiveness! There is no invisible man in the sky to get you off the hook.

4)You are the sum of all your actions past and present. Your sins are yours and yours alone. Have the courage to own them.

5) My body, my business.

6) Technology improves but man does not. The Homo sapiens are the same greedy, selfish, destructive, cruel, murdering, species that migrated out of Africa and exploded like a virus across Eurasia 50,000 years ago destroying everything in their path.

7) Kindness will be rewarded with fierce loyalty.

8) Let go of your fear. And use your enemy's against him.

9) You want to hunt for sport? Then try hunting a man who is equally armed. Then we will see what a tough guy you really are. What's the matter? Afraid of a fair fight?

10) When you sculpt and harden the flesh, you sharpen and focus the mind.

11) All disputes should be settled with a broadsword and a fight to the death.

12) You want to see me dead? Then you will have to come here and kill me yourself with your bare hands. Come on. I dare you. I double dare you.

13) Good god it's great to be a Bull Mongoni.

Experience the Bull Mongoni philosophy in action in the cult novel Gunner Star and the irreverent anti-establishment adventure Rise of the Bull Mongoni and the riveting sequel Sword of the Bull Mongoni.

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