Saturday, March 16, 2013

Goodreads review of "Action Figure"

The following review of "She" is by author Kya Aliana and was originally posted at Goodreads on January 18th 2013. Kya is a phenomenal young talent who has exploded onto the literature scene with two knockout Young Adult horror/suspense novels "Impending Doom" and "Sky Darkness". Her spectacular and highly anticipated third published work "Adrenaline" will be released on March 19th and is must read for anyone interested in exciting, innovative, expertly crafted mystery/suspense by the new creative voice in YA horror fiction.

"When I finished this book, I closed the cover, held it tightly, and caught my breath as I tried to slow my heart. The book starts off with a thrilling, fast paced, adventure that sparks about a million questions in your head that you don't want but NEED answered! And let me tell you, the action does. not. stop! The entire book is thrilling beyond your wildest dreams, sparking more questions, giving more answers as Caterino brilliantly unfolds the plot line.

Caterino pulls off many things that a TON of writers struggle with, such as realistic character development, showing and not telling, sentences you want to quote over and over again because they are so good, and MANY other things. I cannot recommend this book, or this author, enough. James Caterino is ahead of his time and has set a new standard in the noveling/reading community. Everyone, and I mean everyone, who loves to read, write, or both should read this book ASAP!

The excitement simply does not stop in this astounding thriller. It is among the few books that have really gotten my adrenaline pumping and my heart racing. I do not believe I have ever turned pages so fast. A lot of the time when I speed through books, I forget simple things, or feel as though the book needs to be skimmed rather than read. With this book, that was NOT the case! Caterino's writing is so brilliant, so unique and fresh, spoken so well with every paragraph coming to life in my vivid imagination, that I can remember every single detail from every single page!

I can't believe this book hasn't been made into a movie because - and believe me when I tell you - it would make for a freakin' kick ass movie! I can't get over the book - why isn't this more popular? I can't think of ANY one of my friends (especially those who love action) who wouldn't enjoy this book to the umpteenth degree. I urge you to delve deeply into the pages that create this mind blowing novel "Action Figure" and follow Caterino's characters on an adventure that you will NEVER forget!

The way he phrases things is absolutely awe-inspiring. This sentence is on the 2nd page "Reality and hallucination now co-existed in the carousal of imagery, sound and smell that comprised my unstable state." Usually one has to wait 30 or 40 pages for a sentence as striking as that one, but here it is on the 2nd page! And another! And another one after that! They just keep going on throughout the entire book. I'm telling you, you have to read this book! And prepare to sit down for a few hours to go through it because you WON'T be able to put it down, or stop thinking about it, even if you try!

James Caterino is THE voice; the one we should all be reading; the one writers should strive to be as good as; THE voice of YA/thriller fiction. No, just fiction period. It doesn't matter if you are 16 or 87 you WILL love this book! It's for all ages. James Caterino is the man! His writing will take your breath away!"

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