Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Adrenaline" is a literary rush

Kya Aliana, the wunderkind author of "Impending Doom" and "Sly Darkness" has delivered again.

With "Impending Doom" the young phenom created a teenage horror melodrama for the "Twilight" generation (written at 13 years of age!). The author followed up her smash debut with the atmospheric "Sly Darkness", a Stephen King influenced horror/suspense novel loaded with shocking twists and turns.

And now fans of the author (and count me as one of them) are privileged to be able to relish her third published feature length book, the riveting novella "Adrenaline".

"Adrenaline" is a textbook exercise on how to open a story with suspense and intrigue, and keep the reader turning the page wanting--no--needing to know where the story is going next. The author uses masterful first person language to take us into the mind of the Mel, a fascinating character with a sense of mystery and a dark secret lurking inside her. Mel is obsessed with sketching and drawing "the man of her dreams", and the way both Mel and her dream character are handled is one of the many great pleasures of the book.

As was the case with her previous works "Impending Doom" and "Sly Darkness", the author demonstrates a unique ability to create a brooding atmosphere of horror and dread. She also continues to write the some of the best, and most realistic, teenage and young adult characters you will find anywhere in fiction. Each character we meet is more fascinating than the last. Except these do not feel like characters. They feel like real people and the author is not afraid to take them to places most writers would shy away from.

On her website, Kaya Aliana talks about how "Adrenaline" started out as a series of episodic short stories. This works in the favor of the novella format because it results in a perfectly paced book that moves at the exact speed it needs to in order to maximize the suspense in this rapidly paced page-turning tale.

Finally, a comment must be made about the writing in this book. In "Adrenaline" Kaya Aliana has taken her writing to the next level. The descriptions are vivid. Words and phrases pop off the page and into the reader's mind. The sentences have a wonderful ebb and flow to them, bursting with a poetic musical cadence, dripping alive with literary texture and tinged with a wonderful eroticism. The author does not shy away from sexuality and handles it with the same courageous sense of expert craftsmanship that she does horror and suspense.

"Adrenaline" is just that, a rush of adrenaline for anyone craving a riveting suspenseful story from the most talented young author working in fiction today, Kya Aliana.

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