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Casting Caitlin Star


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What if lightning struck and Caitlin had to be cast in a movie adaption of the book?
Here are Gunner Star Production’s top picks to play CaitlinStar.

Olivia Wilde

At 29, she is the right age. Caitlin Star is 28 in the bulk of the novel. Olivia’s five-foot seven inch statuesque form is a perfect match for the five-eight Caitlin. 

What about physicality? Caitlin is an elite track and field athlete, a master with the sword, and just an all-around bad ass. Could Olivia Wilde pull that off? If you have ever seen “Tron Legacy” then you know the answer is a resounding YES!

Those of us who know Olivia from her days on “The O.C.” see her as a blonde anyway. The only other final touch required would be to add some hard curves—seven to ten pounds of muscle would take care of that. She would have to “Bane” up a bit. Easily done with her genetics.

Athletic, smart, hot, charismatic, fierce, and beautiful—Olivia Wilde is our number one choice at Gunner Star Productions to play Caitlin.

Katee Sackhoff

A gifted athlete and former competitive swimmer, there is no doubt Katee possesses the physical attributes to play Caitlin. Anybody who has ever seen an episode of Battlestar Galactica can attest to her on-screen charisma and bad ass persona. She even had a chance to show off her fiercely competitive personality in a Galactica ship-wide boxing tournament and in game of one on one basketball.

At 33 she is on the high-end of the age range, but still do-able if the film is made sometime in the next couple of years. The acting chops are there. Katee did an outstanding job as Starbuck, creating one of the most memorable characters in the history of genre television. She was also fantastic in season 8 of “24”.

Katee Sackoff is our runner-up choice to play Caitlin Star.

Kate Beckinsale

The only reason Kate is not number one on this list is age. At 39 Kate Beckinsale could play 25 yet alone 28, so it would not be an issue if this were a one shot deal. But we are launching a new franchise here and the age disparity between the actress and the camera could become problematic down the road.

But who cares. We at Gunner Star Productions will tweak the timeline in the screenplay adaption if need be if we ever have a chance at getting this actress, because Kate Beckinsale is worth it!  Have you seen her in the “Underworld” movies for God’s sake?  Did you see her in the “Total Recall” remake?

Beautiful, fierce, sexy, athletic, and wickedly bad ass—Kate Beckinsale is Caitlin Star.

Wild Card Pick: 

Blake Lively

Blake is my personal number one choice tp play Caitlin Star!

But alas, I do not get to call all the shots in the movies like I do in the books. My fellow producers here at Gunner Star Productions are giving me grief on this one. Hey, she is statuesque and does have a body that is closest to the elusive Caitlin combination of voluptuous and athletic.  As an actress she could bring warmth and depth to the character, something I tried to do in the book. I see her handling the the emotional scenes very well. Of course she would need to muscle-up quite a bit and I have no idea what kind of athlete she is or how she would fare in a physically demanding role.

“But I do not see her as a bad ass” is the main objection I keep getting. My counter to that is simple: Did you ever see Linda Hamilton as a bad ass before “T2”? Did Kate Beckinsale strike fear in your heart after seeing her in “Pearl harbor”? How about Sigourney Weaver before “Alien”.

Sometimes you do not know if an actor can play a bad ass, until they actually play a bad ass.

Blake Lively IS Caitlin Star!

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