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Philosophy of Caitlin Star

Who were the Bull Mongoni and what is the contemporary 21st century philosophy carrying their namesake? This excerpt from the back cover blurb of “Caitlin Star” gives a hint.

“Gunner Star takes on Caitlin as his protégé and trains her in the ways of the Bull Mongoni, a mythic species of hominids that lived long ago. An exciting, brave new world opens up for Caitlin as she discovers a new philosophy, achieves an astonishing level of physical and mental focus, and begins to see the world around her from a new perspective.”

Who were the Bull Mongoni?

Today there are four known remaining groups of hominids, referred to as the genera  “hominidae” in evolution flow charts, but better known as the advanced group of intelligent primates called great apes. They are chimpanzees (2 species), gorillas (2 species), orangutans (2 species), and the only great ape that kills for sport, practices cruelty, and willfully destroys everything in their path—Homo Sapiens (one species, humans).

There may only be four great apes today, but for several millions of years—right up until recent history—there were scores of distinct hominids walking the earth, all of them descended from a common ancestor some 17 million years ago.

As you can see above, this subfamily Homininae branched off into two distinct tribes approximately 8-10 million years ago. One tribe was the Hominini—humans, chimpanzees, and bonobos. The second tribe was Gorillini—gorillas.

The Sacred Scrolls speak of a third great ape that branched out from the Homininae subfamily, the tribe known as the Bull Mongoni.

The Scrolls, oral history, as well as the Sumerian writings and the legends of the Neolithic North American natives, allude to a great race of man-beasts that lived among the wild creatures deep in the rain forests of the Congo and the secluded mountains of Eurasia. These hirsute hominids were swift, strong, and muscular. Although highly-social with a rich culture, unlike the other hominids, the Bull Mongoni could be loners as well.  An individual would roam a vast territory, often with a big cat as a companion. Some theorize this is how the great cats learned to patrol a territory.

By all accounts, the Bull Mongoni were peaceful and showed great respect for their great ape brothers and sisters. But the Homo sapiens who exploded out of Africa like a plague were not so accommodating. Humans then, as now seem hard-wired for only one purpose—to cause needless destruction.

What is the Bull Mongoni Philosophy?

The ancient Sumerian texts refer to the Bull Mongoni as “the protectors of the earth and all creatures.” The philosophy of the mythic hominids could be best categorized as a “Mother Earth”, a belief that there is a universal force, a spiritual energy that expresses itself through natural world and the living creatures around us.

They were peaceful, but if crossed, a Bull Mongoni could unleash a frightening fury.  There are documented accounts of human encounters with Bull Mongoni right up until the Roman Empire.

After the Homo sapien explosion throughout Africa and out across Eurasia, the remaining Bull Mongoni needed to adapt to survive in a world that was now teeming with this murderous new species of hominids. A species that would end up dominating the planet and destroying everything in their path until there were almost 8 billion of them.

At their darkest hour a new force emerged among the Bull Mongoni, a formidable warrior named Tarmok. Under his leadership Tarmok and his Bull Mongoni brothers and sisters adapted in two ways.

First by becoming stealth—staying deep in the forests, high in the mountains, and dispersing into remote areas away from belligerent Homo sapiens. Second—they became fierce and deadly warriors.
Already five times as strong as humans, under Tarmok’s guidance the Bull Mongoni learned to master the art of the flesh by conditioning and strengthening the body with rigorous physical exercise and frequent feedings. They became experts of identifying plant herbs with medicinal and performance-enhancing effect. Long before the armies of Mesopotamia began to march across the Mediterranean creating the first human empire, the Bull Mongoni became masters of forging metals into broadswords. Inspired by Tarmok, the Bull Mongoni became the most formidable warriors the planet has ever known.

Gunner once described his philosophy to Caitlin as a mix of “nihilistic barbarism, physicality, and Native American spirituality”. But perhaps the best way to convey the core of the Bull Mongoni philosophy are in the words of Tarmok himself as translated from The Sacred Scrolls.

The 13 mantras of the Bull Mongoni

1) Protect those who cannot protect themselves.

2) Destroy all bullies.

3) There is no forgiveness! There is no invisible man in the sky to get you off the hook.

4) You are the sum of all your actions past and present. Your sins are yours and yours alone. Have the courage to own them.

5) My body, my business.

6) Technology improves, but man does not. The Homo sapiens are the same greedy, selfish, destructive, cruel, murdering, species that migrated out of Africa and exploded like a virus across Eurasia 50,000 years ago destroying everything in their path.

7) Kindness will be rewarded with fierce loyalty.
8) Let go of your fear. And use your enemy's fear against him.

9) You want to hunt for sport? Then try hunting a man who is equally armed. Then we will see what a tough guy you really are. What's the matter? Afraid of a fair fight?

10) When you sculpt and harden the flesh, you sharpen and focus the mind.

11) All disputes should be settled with a broadsword and a fight to the death.

12) You want to see me dead? Then you will have to come here and kill me yourself with your bare hands. Come on. I dare you. I double-dare you.

13) Good God it's great to be a Bull Mongoni!

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