Monday, October 28, 2013

Girl power

I have a confession to make. I have a thing for Supergirl. I love the character, the concept, the costume...I even love the infamous 1984 film in all its overblown campy glory from the colorful production design to Jerry Goldsmith's magnificent score. To this day I still have a crush on Helen Slater.

This book is one of the strongest entries in the spectacular DC Comics relaunch, "The New 52". 

"Supergirl" was the perfect title to resurrect with a brand new origin story and Micheal Green and Mike Johnson have delivered a compelling epic told in bold iconic strokes that pay proper homage to the comic book's mythology while creating a strong, young angst-ridden teen-age heroine that will resonate with contemporary readers. The new "Supergirl" is the perfect comic book for fans of YA fantasy adventure novels.

"Supergirl" had a great run during the 2000's under the creative team of writer Peter David and artist Ed Benes. The book became known for the outrageously complex and esoteric storylines, including a period of time when there were two Supergirls on earth from different dimensions. The "Supergirl" run of the 2000's also became known for the sexy and provocative way that Ed Benes drew the two Supergirls.

The artwork in the new book by Mahumud Asar is bold, stylish, and spectacular. But I do still prefer the Jim Lee style of realistic pencils used by Benes. As an added bonus this new book has a character design section on the back, including sketches by Jim Lee.

Bottom line, the new "Supergirl" is a blast and will be enjoyed by anyone who likes colorful and compelling YA fantasy adventure.

One of the great DC books of recent times was the early 2000s "Birds of Prey" written by Gail Simone and penciled by Ed Benes. This book had wonderful characterizations, intelligent plot-lines, and great artwork.

Barbara Gordon back as Batgirl and so is Gail Simone as the writer. The transition of the character from the wheelchair bound Oracle back to Batgirl is well-handled, the adversary she faces worthwhile, and the fast-moving story-line exciting as hell. Bottom line, Gail Simone can write and once again proves when it comes to delivering exciting, fluid story lines featuring young female heroes, she is the best.

This book is the first published collection of the New 52 "Batgirl" run and I am happy to report the book has continued to impress and entertain and now even features Ed Benes as one of the artists.

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