Monday, April 14, 2014

My top ten favorite things right now

Eliza Dushka

This picture from the recent Emerald City Comicon in Seattle says it all.

“Years of Living Dangerously”

Executive produced by James Cameron and Arnold for Showtime this beautifully produced series is the most intelligent and thought provoking and important program you will ever see on television. Watch Don Cheadle visit a drought-stricken Texas where an evangelical scientist (yes you heard me right) speaks to the people about climate change. See Harrison Ford take on the corrupt Indonesia Forestry Service where deforestation is causing more carbon emission than all the cars in LA put together.


I finally got on board and went on an “Arrow” binge to catch up and am loving it! What really got me hooked was the “Birds of Prey” episode—outstanding.  The brooding tone and well written and acted character drama are reminiscent of the short-lived 1990 CBS incarnation “The Flash” starring John Wesley Shipp.

Lea Michelle’s new album

The best pure singing voice on the planet right now takes a crack at pop music and the result is an irresistible album jam-packed with catchy hooks and heartfelt melodies. The feel good album of the year.

“The Walking Dead” season four finale

I am still recovering! This last batch of episodes was the best since season one with some of the best acting—and action—seen on television anywhere.

“Captain America”

The best comic book movie since the “The Dark Knight”—and the most irreverent. Here is my full review.

Lana Del Rey

She will probably be on every best ten list I ever make.

Neve Campbell’s appearance in the “Mad Men” final season opener

I just love Neve Campbell and have had a thing for her going back to “Party of Five”. Okay I admit that thing really took hold after “Wild Things”. 

Paramore and Haley Williams

It has been a year since their latest self-titled album was released and it still plays in my daily rotation.

The “Guardians of the Galaxy” trailer

Because I’m hooked on a feeling….

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