Tuesday, June 2, 2015

'Final Destination 3': The novelization

James Wong and Glen Morgan wrote some of the greatest “X-Files” and “Millenium” episodes and do a bang up job with this spooky, supernatural slasher film. But here is a case where the novelization does not just compliment the movie—it surpasses it—by a lot. And keep in mind I really like this movie.

Christa Faust’s adaption is full of rich characterizations, insightful narrative, revealing interior monologues, and even some really emotional scenes. Everything in this book just feels right and rings true. If this were separated from the movie and released and marketed by a major publishing company as a young adult horror novel, it would garner rave reviews and be a smash success. What the author has done here is astounding. She has taken a routine novelization assignment and turned it into a riveting piece of literary fiction drenched with atmosphere and packed with suspense.

A knockout out book that ranks alongside Orson Scott Card's "The Abyss" and Alan Dean Foster's "Aliens" as one of the best novelizations I have read.

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