Tuesday, June 2, 2015

'Willow' (1988): The novelization

Vivid, fully realized novelization of the 1988 Ron Howard directed, George Lucas produced film. Both the movie and this book were ahead of its time and would far be more appreciated today in the post "Lord of the Rings”/”Harry Potter” era of the 2000s. Back in 1988 fantasy as a genre (especially in movies) was deader than disco.

The writing by Wayland Drew is outstanding. He does not merely write out the script in prose form, but creates an actual fantasy novel complete with detailed world building, interior dialogues, sharp points of view, and fleshed out characters. The action, suspense, heroic fantasy, and sense of wonder from the movie are all there, but Drew always adds more texture, making full use of the prose format. Wayland Drew also wrote the novelization for the 1987 film “Batteries Not Included” (which I have sitting on my shelf and will check out next).

Bottom line: one of the better novelizations I have read and highly recommended for fans of the movie or anyone who likes the “The Hobbit”.

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