Sunday, October 4, 2015

‘Amazing Stories’, episode 3 “Alamo Jobe” review

“Alamo Jobe”
Original airdate October 20, 1985
Teleplay by Joshua Brand and John Falsey
Story by Steven Spielberg

Directed by Michael D. Moore

A teen-age soldier fighting in the Battle of the Alamo ends up in modern day (1985) San Antonio. The confused time traveler stays focused on fulfilling the final order of his dying commanding officer—to deliver a message to his General on Shuttlecock Road.

This type of scenario turned up frequently on the original “Twilight Zone”, and it is an interesting premise for a story. While the most of the “Twilight Zone” episodes of this type focused on the surreal nature of such a bizarre time placement, “Alamo Jobe” is an action oriented story featuring a fairly exciting and well-staged horseback chase and ride through downtown San Antonio.

The location shooting is terrific and there is a hilarious (and obligatory) break dance scene that was inserted into just about every movie or TV show made in 1985. “Alamo Jobe” also has a terrific, rousing score by the late, great James Horner.

Bottom line **1/2 out of four

“Alamo Jobe” is an interesting premise that is well-executed. But still, given the hype and the title of this series, I wanted more.

Next up: “Amazing Stories” finally delivers with the clever “Mummy Daddy” and one of the show’s great masterpieces, the Spielberg directed “The Mission”. 

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