Monday, October 26, 2015

‘Supergirl’ the series preview

Okay, here we go.

Anyone who knows me or reads this blog is well aware of my affection for “Supergirl”.

I have read all the various incarnations of the comic book since the late 90s, including the current teen-age angst-ridden version in the New 52. I a huge fan of the underrated and misunderstood 1984 film starring Helen Slater, and its rousing, majestic soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith.

And as you can tell from the novels I write, I tend to favor strong female leads in action/adventure roles. So the new “Supergirl” series is right in the middle of my entertainment sweet spot.

When the original extended six-minute plus trailer debuted on the internet a few months ago, it set off a storm of controversy in geek fandom everywhere. The presence of a prominently featured Calista Flockhart, (in a role similar to what Merry Streep played in “The Devil Meets Prada”), prompted a fanboy freakout. “It’s too girly”, they cried.

I stayed silent and thought it best to reserve judgement. Like I said, I have actually read the books and seen the 1984 film many times and read the terrific novelization and I understand the character. And guess what? “Supergirl” is not Black Widow, or Black Canary, or Huntress, or Catwoman, or even Batgirl. She is not dark. She really is a “girly girl”.

But still. I admit I did find the whole “Ally McBeal” meets “The Devil Wears Prada” vibe of the trailer a bit troublesome. Workplace humor and girl drama are all well and fine, but I want to see action and adventure—not a romantic comedy. And this is the story of an alien. So I want to see science fiction ideas about other aliens and alternate universes and time travel and all the other super cool stuff that is often in the comics.

Two things I will say already. I love Melissa Benoist. Helen Slater will always be the gold standard for me. Melissa’s take on the character is obviously going to be lot lighter, but I love what I have seen of her so far.

Colleen Atwoood is in my opinion the greatest Hollywood costume designer of all time and I absolutely love her “Supergirl” suit design.

I will have my full review of the “Supergirl” premiere episode posted right here in this blog later this week.

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