Sunday, March 6, 2016

Behind the scenes of 'The B Girl'

"The B Girl" is now available  on Kindle, as well as paperback.

"The B Girl" is the story of an extraordinary friendship, a planet in peril, and a science fantasy adventure beyond imagination.

Influences include the classic "The Outer Limits" episode "ZZZZZZ" written by Meyer Dolinsky, the novel "Firefly Lane" by Kristin Hannah, the real life environmental crisis of the dying honey bees, and the films of Amblin Entertainment.

After the relentless action and physicality of the sprawling, epic “Caitlin Star” series, I wanted to tell a more intimate, character based science fiction drama set in the modern, contemporary world. “The B Girl” started out as an “Amazing Stories”/ “Outer Limits” type short story/novelette I wanted to feature in an upcoming collection. But soon it became clear that this story was an epic itself, and had to be told as a novel.

“The B Girl” is my most personal, and yet most universal and accessible work to date. So please join me, and experience this wondrous coming of age story of adventure and imagination.

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