Saturday, March 12, 2016

“The B Girl” movie

Influences include the classic "The Outer Limits" episode "ZZZZZZ" written by Meyer Dolinsky, the novel "Firefly Lane" by Kristin Hannah, the real life environmental crisis of the dying honey bees, and the films of Amblin Entertainment.

“The B Girl” movie will require two young female leads capable of delivering a strong, nuanced, realistic, and emotional performances. Despite the fantastical premise, it is a story grounded in contemporary reality, and for the movie to succeed and be as affecting as the book, it will all come down to the casting of the two leads—Victoria Vetri (a.k.a The B Girl), and her best friend, eighteen-year-old filmmaker-in-the-making, Zoe.

So who are my choices? From the very start of my work on this story, I had a very precise vision of who I saw playing these two roles, and I am absolutely certain this is who should be cast. I get chills up my spine just thinking about these two up on the screen together.

Dakota Fanning as Victoria Vetri/the B Girl.

Elle Fanning as Zoe

Supporting Cast

David Dolinsky

David is Victoria’s boss and is becomes someone she grows to trust. For this role I imagined Stephen Amell (from the “Arrow” CW television series).

Dr. Rubio Walker

The book’s major villain, Walker is an eccentric, egomaniacal research doctor obsessed with discovering how Victoria was brought back from certain death and completely recovered from a lethal form of leukemia.  Genre favorite (and superb actor) Gary Oldman would be perfect.

Dr. Ellen Logan 

A popular college professor at Cal and expert entomologist and bee researcher, Victoria seeks out Ellen for her expertise and as an ally. For this key supporting role I want the sensational Zoe Saldana.

Marco Leech 

Vice President of Sales at D.K. Chemical, corporate henchman and all around prick. Still taking auditions for this role. Undecided as of this writing.

Victoria’s parents, Belinda and Ken

Casting is everything in roles like this. It just has to feel like, "oh of course these are her parents". I see Helen Slater and Bruce Greenwood.


Given his filmography, and the fact he directed a young Ellen Fanning in the outstanding “Super 8" (2011), J.J. Abrams would be the perfect director. And as an added bonus that would mean a soundtrack by Michael Giacchino, the best composer working in film today under the age of 80.

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