Thursday, March 3, 2016

'The B Girl' on Kindle

"The B Girl" is now available  on Kindle, as well as paperback.

A Queen Bee takes human form in "The B Girl" is the story of an extraordinary friendship, a planet in peril, and a science fantasy adventure beyond imagination.

After the relentless action and physicality of the sprawling, epic “Caitlin Star” series, I wanted to tell a more intimate, character based science fiction drama set in the modern, contemporary world. “The B Girl” started out as an “Amazing Stories”/ “Outer Limits” type short story/novelette I wanted to feature in an upcoming collection. But soon it became clear that this story was an epic itself, and had to be told as a novel.

“The B Girl” is my most personal, and yet most universal and accessible. work to date. So please join me, and experience this wondrous coming of age story of adventure and imagination.

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