Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer sketchbook: Katie Cassidy, Caitlin Star, Star Trek, and much more

Katie Cassidy (from "Arrow", and my new top choice to play Caitlin Star).

Speaking of...Caitlin Star.

Caitlin and Toby from Caitlin Star and the Rise of the Barbarians.

Quick sketch of a scene from classic "Star Trek" episode "By Any Other Name". 

Summer femme fatale. 

"Cassandra", from a new (soon to be published) short story. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Megacon 2016 pictures

Me with the luminous and statuesque Katie Cassidy (from "Arrow"). She would make an awesome Caitlin Star.

I liked this Ivy so much I ended up drawing her.

Getting my game face on for day 1.

Setting up my table.

Me and Katie again. 

Loved this "Fifth Element" ensemble.

Getting my "Supergirl" fix. Her costume was the real deal, right down to the texture. It looked like exactly like Colleen Atwood's design used for the show.

Author J.J. Jojola, cosplaying as her character. Sensational costume. Looking forward to reading her book.

Best after party ever!