Monday, September 26, 2016

The story behind "Steel Phantom"

“Steel Phantom” is a supernatural horror script I wrote in 2002 and pitched around Hollywood. The screenplay did receive some good coverage, and garnered some interest from several producers and production companies.

But ultimately the script was deemed too “intense”, far too sexual and violent, and the S&M content was way too risqué for the time. You must remember, this was just after 9/11. PG-13 horror was in and nobody would touch an R-rated horror script with a ten foot pool. Of course, that all changed in the next couple years as torture porn took over the genre. But then the remake obsession began, especially for horror. Hollywood only wanted “sure things”, not original material, and “Steel Phantom” was doomed to go unproduced.

Now, this scary, sexy, suspenseful, supernatural story is available for the first time ever as a published book in the screenplay format.

From the back cover:

Angela is seeing things. Strange things. Dangerous things.

Angela relocates to Pittsburgh and is haunted by intense visions of a menacing attacker clad in a welding mask who abducts her and takes her to an abandoned steel mill. The visions escalate, crossing the line into reality, and she soon learns the secret to stopping this Steel Phantom, may be buried in the dark mysteries of the forbidden past of her new home town.

“Steel Phantom” is an award-winning 2002 supernatural horror screenplay from the lurid imagination of James J. Caterino, author of “The B Girl” and the “Caitlin Star” series. 

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