Tuesday, November 1, 2016

'The Last Neanderthal' just released

Three contemporary mythic legends have fascinated me since I was a child; UFOs, the Bermuda Triangle, and Bigfoot.

I have written short stories about the Bermuda Triangle and had a UFO project in development for years. But now, I am absolutely elated to announce by Bigfoot story has just been released (as of Tuesday Nov. 4th 2016) in both paperback and  on Amazon Kindle.

"The Last Neanderthal" is my take on the Bigfoot legend and represents my most complete and balanced work to date. It has the action and philosophy of "Caitlin Star" and the emotional character interaction of "The B Girl". In movie pitch lingo it could be described as "King Kong" meets "Harry and the Hendersons", by way of "Rise of the Planet of the Apes".

I hope you enjoy this brand new, deeply personal work. 

From the back cover:

Kronos is one of the last of his kind. A descendant of the Neanderthal who once thrived throughout Eurasia, his people crossed the same ancient land bridge as the original Native Americans. They have roamed Pacific Northwest forests for thousands of years, and their occasional sightings by humans have become the mythic stuff of the Bigfoot legend.

One day Kronos spots a helicopter with hunters, swarming down upon a family of wolves, including his friend Lucca. Kronos runs to the scene, trying to stop the slaughter. But then, the guns of the humans turn upon him. He is wounded, cut off from the rest of his family, and pursued by the hunters.

All seems lost, until he comes upon a human teenage girl Ella Marshall. Ella and her family want to help Kronos, and a deep, emotional bond forms between them. But soon, the danger becomes even more deadly as trigger happy hunters, weekend warriors, and even the government itself, begin to move in from all sides.

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