Saturday, November 4, 2017

‘Supergirl’ season 3, episode 4, “The Faithful”

“Supergirl” has been a winning series from the start of its debut back in the fall of 2015, thanks to the charming performance of the effervescent and luminous Melissa Benoist as the title character, a role she was born to play. The show has continued to perform, quietly becoming one the most entertaining and highly enjoyable shows on television.

With its new season, (year 3), the series taken another leap up in quality, something best exemplified by “The Faithful”written by Paula Yoo & Katie Rose Rogers and directed by Jesse Warn. It is the best episode of the show so far and one that also functions beautifully as a stand-alone entry. It asks the fascinating question: What if Supergirl were worshiped as a God by a cult of fanatical followers? And how would Kara/Supergirl handle that?

Guest star Chad Lowe delivers a strong performance as Thomas Colville, a yuppie lawyer who is drowning in cynical despair (and alcohol), and has a seat on the crashing passenger plane that Kara saved back in the pilot episode when she had her coming out as Supergirl. When the plane is safely brought down, Colville stares out the plane window and into the eyes of Kara. His life is transformed forever and a cult leader is born—a cult that worships Supergirl as a God. And a cult that intentionally puts its members and new recruits in grave danger in the belief that Supergirl will show up to save them no matter what.

So much great stuff is going on in this episode. Besides seeing how Kara deals with being the fixation of cult worship, we see her rediscover the roots of her own Krytonian religion. There is also a wonderful “girl talk” scene featuring all of the shows main female characters, including the always fantastic Katie McGrath as Lena Luthor.

The newcomer with a dark secret, Samantha Arias, is a great new addition this season. She is played by the statuesque Odette Annable, someone who has been on my radar since she starred in the 2009 horror gem, “The Unborn”.

The underrated Chyler Leigh continues to excel, delivering the emotional goods in a very moving storyline about her desire to have children, a desire her fiancé Maggie does not share.

Bottom line: “The Faithful” is an outstanding piece of superhero/science fiction storytelling and the best episode of “Supergirl” yet.

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