Friday, June 29, 2018

Summer reading

James J. Caterino's "Caitlin Star" series is like a spike of adrenaline injected straight into the heart.

Set in a contemporary dystopia, the books feature the strong-willed action hero Caitlin Star, a former track athlete and a  "Bull Mongoni" warrior, a discipline and philosophy based on a mythic species of hominids who roamed the earth long ago, and who play a key role in the epic plot of this action-packed series.

Books 1-3, (contained in the beautifully packaged "Caitlin Star: The Trilogy"), tell Caitlin's origin story against the backdrop of a North American civil war and a WWIII apocalyptic event. In book 4, "Caitlin Star and the Hand of God", Caitlin and her friends fight to protect the last paradise on Earth, the Congo Basin, against an authoritarian invader and his cult following.

Brimming with references to evolution, history, hard science, and loaded with non-stop colorful action adventure and memorable characters, the "Caitlin Star" books are riveting, page-turning, epic entertainment from start to finish.

If you like stuff like "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", "E.T.", and "The X-Files", I promise you are going to love "Watch the Skies".

“Watch the Skies” is a wild, exciting, epic tale of UFOs and alien abduction, spanning fifty years and told through the eyes of three woman who must find a way to endure all that happens to them until the very end, when all will finally be revealed.

"The Last Neanderthal" is a take on the Bigfoot legend and represents James J. Caterino's most complete and balanced work to date. It has the action and philosophy of "Caitlin Star" and the emotional character interaction of "The B Girl". In movie pitch lingo it could be described as "King Kong" meets "Harry and the Hendersons", by way of "Rise of the Planet of the Apes".

First published in 2005 and recently re-released with new cover art, "She" is a haunting, suspenseful tale about an unsolved murder mystery from the past, an a mysterious woman who appears in the present, and is dead ringer for the long dead victim.

From the back cover:

"We are driving on Street Runs Road now. This is the road—the place where it happened, the birthplace of my journey, the crossroads, the crux of time where the line between life and death merged. It is the place where I was forever changed." 

In July of 1983, JC Pezzini and his parents were involved in a deadly hit-and-run car accident. A mysterious Good Samaritan referred to as “She” was the only reason JC survived—and finding She has become his all-consuming passion in life. More than twenty years later, JC is a filmmaker, a voyeur, and a man haunted by his past. 

With the help of his psychiatrist, his friends, and old acquaintances of the unknown woman, JC will attempt to get closer to She than he could ever hope to—even in his most lucid daydreams. Whether through regression hypnotherapy, time travel by means of an anti-reality chamber, or sheer determination, JC won’t stop until he recovers the answers he has been searching for all these years. 

After coming across a stunning She look-alike named Angela, JC is convinced he’s almost completed his life quest. Only then are the real answers—and the shocking secrets that have hidden the truth—revealed.

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