Friday, July 13, 2018

Fantastic fiction: The short stories of James J. Caterino

Best known for his exciting, action-packed "Caitlin Star" series, and the harrowing and heartfelt coming of age story, "The Last Neanderthal", the wildly imaginative and always entertaining author, James J. Caterino, now has five knockout short stories available on Amazon Kindle that will blow you away.

'Rollercoaster', a wicked thrill ride of a short story

Sixteen year-old Gina Zeneski is leading a good life. She is smart, beautiful, a track star, and has a sweet gig babysitting the Robinson kids. One fateful Saturday she takes the children for what was supposed to be a fun Saturday at the amusement park. But when she and the kids witness something they were not supposed to see, it turns out to be a deadly day of harrowing danger.
“Rollercoaster” is another knockout, action-packed short story from the lurid imagination of James J. Caterino,author of “The Eco-Warrior”, “Watch the Skies”, and the “Caitlin Star” series.

'Barry's Run', a riveting, cautionary, action-packed science fiction short story

Barry Baton dies in a car accident and is cryogenically frozen in suspended animation. When the technology to bring him back arrives in ten years, he is revived. He awakens into a Trumpian, fascist nightmare—a dark, dystopian, oppressive world, more terrifying than anything he could have imagined.

“Barry's Run” is a riveting, cautionary, action-packed science fiction short story from the lurid imagination of James J. Caterino, the wildly controversial author of “The Eco-Warrior”, “Battle of the Network Superheroes”, and the “Caitlin Star” series.

John Kregar is 'The Eco-Warrior' in new action-packed short story

Alycia is on the trip of a lifetime. She is deep in the rain forest of the Congo Basin, conducting field research for her doctoral thesis in Anthropology. She leads a team of fellow students and a professor. All is going well until they come across a murderous group of poachers who hold them at gunpoint, determined to torment the group of academics before leaving them for dead. Things get ugly and all appears lost, until, a mysterious bare-chested man appears, giving the poachers more than they bargained for.

They say he lost someone in one of the countless American mass shootings. They say he snapped, hoisted a NRA stooge Senator over his head, tossed him like a rag doll, and was sent to jail. They say he came to the Congo to escape humanity, and protect the last patch of paradise on Earth. They call him the Eco-Warrior.

John Kregar is, the Eco-Warrior

'The Selfie', a bold, romantic, imaginative short story

An illustrator at an ad agency creates a drawing of a woman taking a selfie for a smart phone ad campaign. Then, he comes across a real-life, living version of the exact same woman and image.

In the tradition of "The Twilight Zone", "The Outer Limits", and "Amazing Stories", "The Selfie" is a bold, shocking, romantic, unforgettable short story from the lurid imagination of James J. Caterino, author of “The B Girl” and “Caitlin Star: The Trilogy.”

Battle of the Network Superheroes'

When they decided to bring back a new, re-imagined version of “The Battle of the Network Stars”, writer James J. Caterino knew he had to find a way to get into the competition. And when he did, it became the adventure of a lifetime.
“Battle of the Network Superheroes” is another wild, wickedly entertaining tale from the fevered imagination of controversial author James J. Caterino, creator of “Steel Phantom”, “Among the Stars”, “The Last Neanderthal”, and the “Caitlin Star” series

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