Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Dr. Anton Mason is 'The Mesomorph'

Now available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

Dr. Anton Mason is a brilliant biologist and anthropologist who has a problem asserting himself and has never gotten his way in life. He develops a revolutionary anti-aging genetic formula that turns back the clock of evolution to a time when we were a less frail species. When the project is stolen from him, Anton decides to begin his own human trials, using himself as the test subject.

The formula changes him. He begins to transform into something stronger. Something faster. Something primitive and primal. Something, other than human. Dr. Anton Mason is “The Mesomorph”.

“The Mesomorph” is an irresistible, riveting exercise in science fiction suspense from the epic imagination of James J. Caterino, the author of “Super Hornet 1942”, “The Green Girl”, and “Watch the Skies”.

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