Monday, February 8, 2021

Caterino Books and Art: Etsy Shop

The Caterino Books and Art Etsy Shop features exclusive offers of signed books and prints from author and illustrator James J. Caterino.

Glossy 6x9 paperback book signed by author James J. Caterino, featuring "Miami Noir 1987", a vivid film noir story set in Miami 1987. Also included is a bonus short story "Jennifer the Sketchbook Girl".

Glorious, glossy, 6x9 63 page paperback edition of James J Caterino's smash hit time travel novelette "Super Hornet 1942". “Super Hornet 1942” is another intense, action-packed work of epic imagination from acclaimed writer James J. Caterino, author of “Fireflies”, “Fantastic Stories”, “The Girl from the Stars”, and the “Caitlin Star” series. This special edition paperback will be signed and personalized by the author.

When most people hit middle age, they buy a sports car, or go skydiving, or start a new exercise program. But fifty-three year-old James Pezzini goes another route. He decides to become a quarterback and tryout as a walk-on for the North Dade University Spartans football team.“The Quarterback” is a hilarious, heartfelt, wickedly entertaining tale of inspiration and second chances from James J. Caterino, the author of “Super Hornet 1942” and “Miami Noir 1987”.

Exclusive Etsy author signed edition of this glorious 6x9 132 page trade paperback.


Gorgeous 11x14 metallic print of a cool and colorful illustration of beautiful femme fatale.

Drawing of a family with Bigfoot inspired by the 1987 film "Harry and the Hendersons". 11x14 metallic print.

Spectacular 11x14 metallic print of a drawing of superstar actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld.

Absolutely stunning 11x14 metallic print of a beautiful woman taking a car selfie. Inspired by sensational super model Elizabeth Turner.

Gorgeous 11x14 metallic print of a drawing of actress Elle Fanning.