Sunday, May 16, 2021

New book '50 Films: Fifty Movies That Mattered to Me and Why'


James J. Caterino, the author of Pop Culture Musings and other Stuff, and over forty novels and short stories, returns with his second non-fiction book, this one focused on movies.

 Among the films covered in this entertaining, insightful book of essays, are classics such as E.T. (1982), and Enchanted (2007), vintage blockbusters like Total Recall (1990) and T2 (1991), cult movies such as Billy Jack (1971), Videodrome (1983), Dirty Dancing (1987),  Wall Street (1987), True Romance (1993), and Exotica (1994), underrated gems such as The Fury (1978),  Explorers (1985), The Age of Adeline (2015), 1941 (1979), Baby Boom (1987), and WW84 (2020), the recent masterworks Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) and Promising Young Woman (2020), and even the guilty pleasure exploitation films Cindy & Donna (1970), and Laserblast (1978).

 A must read for hardcore film buffs and casual movie fans alike, 50 Films is an addictive collection of fifty, brand new, never before seen or published reviews by the author.

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